In 1965 he was the head of Kaunas City Folk Education Department. June 08 Aug Order no. 23, Kindergarten No. 2 opened in Dainava district. 66, to whom in February 1994. 9th Kaunas City Mayor 119 was given the name “Mill”. Kindergarten “Mill” is a general education institution with a health education direction. The institution implements non-formal education programs. The purpose of non-formal children’s education programs is to meet children’s cognitive, educational and self-expression needs. The educational process of the kindergarten “Malūnėlis” is organized by the individual program of the kindergarten “Kindergarten” approved by the decision No.T-418 of 10 July 2014 of the Kaunas City Municipality Council. Pre-primary education is organized in accordance with the “General Program and Education Standards”, Vilnius, 2003.

There are two kindergarten (1.5-3 years) groups, seven kindergarten (3-6 years) groups and two preschool (6-7 years) groups. There are about 190 children attending our institution. Children are educated by 22 educators and practitioners, qualified speech therapists are provided to children with speech and communication difficulties, and a qualified physical education teacher is provided to children with mobility and postural disabilities, with special emphasis on protecting and enhancing children’s health healthy lifestyle ideas integrate children with mobility and posture disorders and language and communication into mainstream education groups Effective teamwork with children with special needs – professionals, parents, teachers – promotes Lithuanian traditions and customs, organizes holidays, entertainments, parent conferences, promotions, etc. events.
The activities of the institution are based on the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania, education and other laws of the Republic of Lithuania, resolutions of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania, normative acts of the Ministry of Education.

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